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Rockets often utilize liquid propellants for their combustion. To maximize the efficiency during burning, the liquid fuel and oxidizer must mix quickly and break up into an easily vaporized spray. One method to achieve this is to inject the fuel and oxidizer as liquid jets that collide with one another. For high enough flow rates, this creates a highly unstable liquid sheet that quickly atomizes into a spray of droplets. The animation above shows an example of two impinging jets, but rockets using this method would typically have more than just two injection points. Other rockets use co-axial or centrifugal injectors to mix and atomize the fuel and oxidizer prior to combustion.  (Image credit: C. Inoue; full-scale GIF)


I’m doing a giveaway for my book this week! 

From today (7/20) until next Sunday (7/27) if you email me a screenshot of your receipt for preordering my book, I will send you a few top secret photos from the photo shoot I did for the cover. Real seductive stuff here people, you will almost definitely be printing and hanging these above your bed. (The receipts can be from earlier than this week, though. Any time is fine!)

Send your proof of purchase to and if you still need to get your copy, go here:

You are all helping me get closer to my dream of making a big impact on the world! Thank you! 

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